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Inspiration – Expansion

I realized I don’t just want to talk about crafting.  I love making crafts (and shopping at craft stores) I didn’t quite get enough personality into the blog.  I was inspired to share more after finding a blog by someone I went to undergrad with, go Lutes!  She is one of those people who makes everyone feel at ease.  I read over a dozen of her blog entries today, she just cracks me up.  So thanks for the inspiration Sar www.lovelovelovesar.blogspot.com.   We haven’t talked in years- I think I’ll leave her a comment.


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Hello, I’m Allie.

I had a crafting resurgence recently.  It was the product of two things:  first I finished graduate school giving me more free time, and second I had a strong desire to add some homemade touches to my wedding.   During my wedding planning I spent more time at Michael’s than I had in the past five years.  I was inspired to create and found it to be an outlet I’d forgotten about.  I’ve followed some blogs and become addicted to pinterst and now I want to share my crafting journey.