Incorporated Wishes from Guests at your Wedding and from Cards Mailed

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Tired of the standard wedding guest book?  What about people who don’t sign it the day of?  What about the one aunt who just couldn’t make it to your big celebration?

A Wedding Scrapbook Guestbook!

I am in the process of piecing together my wedding scrapbook guestbook.  It is wonderful to read through the well wishes and wisdom written out by our guests.  It reminds me of the big day and all the family and friends who surrounded us with love.  And though the day itself went by so quickly, I will have these handwritten notes preserved in a book.

A scrapbook page incorporating sentiments from wedding guests and pictures of the bride and groom prior to being wed. In this case, as cute 3 and 4 year olds. 🙂

To make the scrapbook guestbook, I prepared paper for the notes and got a scrapbook album ready for the guests to look at as well.   I cut several shades of purple cardstock, from JoAnns into 3″ squares and 3″ by 1.5″ rectangles.   At the reception, the scrapbook album in which the notes would be placed in was available for the guests to peruse.  In the scrapbook, I included pictures of me and my husband before we were wed.

The background pages for the album pages are from the Making Memories 8″ x 8″ Wedding paper pad.  I am keeping the embellishments simple.  I used two Martha Stewart punches, in Geometric Medallion and Daisy Medallion in a dark purple cardstock to finish up this page.


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