My first Big Picture Class is over and my inbox is sad without a “daily drill” email

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The Big Picture Bootcamp  from Big Picture Classes is over.  I will miss getting a reminder email every day with new “daily drill” to complete.   I stumbled upon the website a while ago, but this was my first paid class.  I loved it!  There were four different instructors with different topics- photography, journaling, page design, and some non-scrapbook crafts to get the creative spirit moving.   It was a good introduction into Big Picture Class format.  There were videos to watch from the instructor that were about 15 minutes long giving instruction and inspiration.  Also included in the class materials were pdf instructions and in some cases photoshop files for digital scrapbooking  (not that I utilized that portion of the class) a printable pdf file was also included for the paper scrapbookers.  A photo gallery was also set up for students to post their projects and discussion boards were available tool.  I liked the format of the class and I think I’ll be following some of the instructors blogs.  They were energetic and inspiring.

Pictures I’ve included here are of a celebration tree.  Which is meant to be decorated not just for holidays but in celebration of all of life’s moments.  I think this is a great idea.  My tree is made from branches that came down in the last wind storm we had.  The new growth at the end of each branch adds some wonderful character.  I just love the branches.
I am not sure how to explain and share what I took  from the other sections of the bootcamp.  I enjoyed all four topics this one seems the most tangible.  I really enjoyed the scrapbook page design drills.  Some things were new and some were great helpful reminders.  Overall, I think I will join in another Big Picture Class.  There was a minor technical issue which prevented me from seeing one pdf the first day but the support was very helpful and quick to respond and fix the issue.

Have you ever taken a Big Picture Class?  What is the next one you want to take?  Maybe we’ll take one together.

While I made all these projects myself, they were guided and inspired by the wonderful instructors of the Big Picture Bootcamp at Big Picture Classes.


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